Written by Aurora


Published on May 30, 2021

PonyCon Holland is Happening!

It’s been a week filled with lots of good news for us here in the Netherlands! It’s now more likely than ever before that we’ll be able to have an exciting weekend of Pony in October with PonyCon Holland! To celebrate all this good news we’ll be giving out discounts on our tickets this week only!

So what was all this good news? Let’s start with the press conference held by the Dutch Prime Minister and Minister of Health that was held this Friday. Things are going so well they decided to fasten the speed of easements of the anti-covid measures. Theatres, bars, restaurants, cinemas and lots of other businesses will be allowed to welcome visitors again, which is already good news for PonyCon Holland. The next step however would make PonyCon Holland possible without any restriction. The current planning is that events will be allowed on the 30th of June again, without social distancing rules if the attendants get tested beforehand. But it gets even better! The Minister of Health said that it’s very likely that with the current rate of vaccination, anti-covid measures may be dropped altogether by the 1st of September. This is still in the “will likely be the case” phase, but it looks like PonyCon Holland will happen without any restrictions in October.

For our international guests, things are looking bright as well. The EU member states are currently working on developing the European Digital Green certificates for people who have been vaccinated or recently had a negative covid test. With these green certificates, EU citizens will be allowed to freely travel between member states again. So visiting the Netherlands will be an option again! The roll-out of these Green Certificates should happen before the end of July, so that’s long before PonyCon Holland! Guests that live outside the EU and have been vaccinated with a vaccine that has been approved by the EMA (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen) should also be able to travel to the EU again by the time PonyCon Holland will take place. This has not been officially confirmed, but it is currently being talked about within the European Commission. We trust that it’ll be possible again to travel to the Netherlands long before October!

So as things stand right now we’re quite sure PonyCon Holland will happen without any restrictions in October and we look forward to seeing every one of you again! 

To celebrate this we’re giving out discounts on our tickets this week!
€5 off the standard weekend ticket – €60 total instead of €65
€10 off the plus ticket – €90 instead of €100
€15 off the sponsor ticket – €185 instead of €200
We’re discounting a maximum of 50 tickets so be quick! The discounts end on June the 6th 2021 23:59.

See y’all in October!

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