At PonyCon Holland our goal is for every member of our community to feel welcome and have the best time they can.
For those who have questions regarding accessibility for the convention space, please find a map and guide below.

PonyCon Holland takes place on the ground- and first floor of the Figi hotel & Theatre convention space.

On the Ground Floor you’ll find the Ticket booth, Mane Stage, Signing sessions and karaoke. The venue can be entered both through the hotel lobby, which features both a revolving door, with doors alongside it if the revolving door space proves insufficient. A parking garage can be found behind Figi with an open area available for loading and unloading. A corridor leads from that entrance to the Atrium. Most doors within the thoroughfares of the venue consists of double doors allowing for little restriction in passage.

The entrance to the theatre, where the mane stage is located, can be found on the ground floor Atrium. Accessing it may be complicated by several steps. If you require a level floor to traverse the con space, an alternate means of accessing the mane stage theatre space can be found along the route to the parking garage, indicated by the green line in the image below. Access to the theatre through the backstage area is limited to staff only, but the path to the theatre will be made available for anyone who needs it.

Within the corridor from the atrium to the karaoke room an accessible toilet should be available across from the regular toilets.

The first floor is where the info booth, vendor area as well as the workshop- and panel rooms can be enjoyed. It can be reached both through the central atrium staircase, as well as through the use of two elevators. One can be found within the Atrium itself, hidden behind the stairs. This particular elevator has both front and back facing doors and you may have to wait for the back doors to open and close when arriving at the first floor before the atrium side doors open. A second set of elevators can be accessed from the hotel lobby which travels up to Figi’s hotel rooms, but will also allow you to travel to the first-floor con space.

The elevators have been described as relatively narrow but should allow for entry with a wheelchair.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us both prior to the con itself or ask a staff member during PCH at the Info booth.