PonyCon Holland

June 5 & 6 2021








About us

Well hello there, welcome on the website of PonyCon Holland. We’re glad you’re here!

PonyCon Holland is the next Dutch Brony convention, which will obviously take place in the Netherlands. The team behind the convention has quite some experience when it comes to organising events for the Brony community. Most committee members have been or are organisation members of BroniesNL (The Dutch Brony Community) and some have worked on other conventions.



Rutger (Steam Loco)

Con Chair - Communications - Venue

Rutger is the chairman of PonyCon Holland, he mainly focusses on communication, the venue and helps out the Marketing department from time to time. He has also been a member of the BroniesNL organisation since December of 2018.

Steffan (DutchPartyPony)

Secretary - Marketing / PR - Website

Steffan is the Secretary and vice chairman of PonyCon Holland, he mainly focusses on Marketing and also takes care of most digital matters like the website. He has been a member of the BroniesNL organisation team since December 2018.

Frank (FrankkieNL)

Tickets - HR / Volunteers - Vendors - Logistics

Frank manages quite a few departments for PonyCon Holland and is also the chairman of the BroniesNL organisation team.

Gerard (Rarity Belle)

Treasurer - Logistics

Gerard is the number-crunching, general fancy pants and schedule-maestro of the committee. His skills with finances and planning will help everything run smoothly! With too many hobbies to count, there’s always time to do something. Loud mouthed and big-hearted, he’s a gentle giant!


Anne (Annenas)

Venue - Vendors - GoH management

Anne is our tea-loving committee member, she’ll make sure that our already fabulous venue will look 20% cooler during the convention. She will also be channelling her inner Twilight to organise the vendor placements.

David (Stjonal)

HR / Volunteers - Art team management

Stjonal, born and raised before the 2020 Corona crisis, Has been a brony since almost the start. He has seen highs, he has seen lows. After working with many cons, now he has set his eyes on making PCH the best it can be!

Art team


Art team leader

Hello! My name is Light. I am an artist, meme machine and Artist manager for PCH! I do traditional art with watercolour and I am always up for a party. Feel free to ping me anytime, I love meeting new people UwU



Art team member



Art team member



Art team member



Art team member



Art team member