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Written by Aurora


Published on October 10, 2021

Announcing: Elley Ray & FlitterKriz

Elley Ray & FlitterKriz will be teaching you the basics of voice acting during their Voice Acting workshop on Saturday the 16th. Elley will be joining us through Zoom and FlitterKriz will be present physically.

About FlitterKriz
Flitterkriz is a voice actor and singer from Norway. She also does a podcast called Chill&Chat on her twitch with different content creators from the MLP fandom. Most of the earlier voice acting she has done and some old episodes from the Chill&Chat podcast you can find on her youtube Kriz Blessings. She has been working with East corps, Shotgun angle producers and other people like Twilighot and Pony and Wolf producers. Currently, she is in the middle of narrating the official audiobook Fallout Equestria Dead Tree written by Fiarua the tank girl.

About Elley
An award-winning “BON VIVANT,” this theatrical alchemist; Awakens, Inspires and Delights ALL who witness her unique form of “MAGIC!” 

ELLEY has been traversing the stages, film sets, television and radio studios for over 40 years, delighting audiences World Wide. Her talent and compassion to share it are “unparalleled.” 

Elley has performed in over 300 theatrical productions, with hundreds of on-camera series and movies to her credit and voiced literally thousands of commercial campaigns, animated series, animated movies and games.

She recently filmed a Belair Insurance campaign in Madrid, Spain, and recorded a Subaru campaign before leaving. Recently, three shows Elley voiced were nominated for the Canadian Screen Awards – The Cat in the Hat Halloween Special, where she sings with Martin Short; The Wide World of Wandering Wenda by Margaret Atwood, where she plays the yodelling, Yolanda Yukihosen & Shuyan Saga, an interactive game where she played 30 characters. Elley also voices for Ubisoft, most recently Starlinks: Battle for Atlas.

She is getting ready to film season 2 as ‘the Warden’ for the award-winning TV Series, Pink is In, as well as filming a guest lead in the TV Series, Carter,  voicing, ‘the Mother’, in the upcoming animated feature film, Tabaluga and playing Katherine in a mini-series shot in Russia called Insomnia.

Currently, Elley voices delightful characters on My Little Pony, The Becky and Bagel Show, Corn & Peg, Hotel Transylvania, Cyberchase and Arthur, with some surprises coming up (Including a new Cartoon Network show – NDA). She also narrates the TV Series, Guilty Rich. 

Elley juries the EMMY AWARDS for Best Animated Series and Best Voice.

Upcoming projects include a new Netflix Series shooting in Toronto (NDA) as well as working on a new play; Haon of the Sticks and Baroness Elsa. She recently played Joan Crawford in JC Superstar and Hylie in Honest Insanity.

Elley has published two books of Inspiration; Fly With Eagles and Butterfly Kisses by Salt River Publishing (available on Amazon) and is writing a new animated series property (NDA).

Elley teaches internationally with upcoming conventions in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Ohio, Manchester, Germany, Russia, Toronto, Vancouver and London to name a few. She delights in teaching at Sheridan College and the University of Windsor where she received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws for her contributions to the Arts and Humanities.

The dressing rooms at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre were named after her for her years of support on the Board, as well as sitting on numerous Arts Org boards, giving back to her community. There is nothing this powerhouse can’t do and nothing she wouldn’t give to the world of storytelling. Find out more at www.elleyray.com or follow her on Twitter @Elley_Ray

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