Ticket Sales Announcement

Written by Aurora


Published on April 1, 2023

Launch of Ticket Sales 2023 – Applications Open

Fillies and Gentlecolts! Step right up! Step right up! Come closer, you won’t believe your eyes, Witness something you have never seen before, heard before, dreamt before! The most amazing fan convention in the Netherlands!

Get your tickets now! For we are launching our ticket sales and thus you can claim your place to be a part of this mysterious event!


Starting april 1st 20:00 CEST you can get your tickets for the 2023 edition of PonyCon Holland.


You can now also book your hotelroom in the Figi hotel through our website (use the button below). We only collect the bookings for the hotelrooms, about 6 weeks before the con we will transfer the bookings to Figi who will also be handling the payment on arrival.

Please note that due to limited availabilty of the rooms we willl be crossreferencing the bookings with ticket orders, volunteer, vendor and special guest applications. If we cannot find that you will attend PonyCon Holland we might cancel your booking (not before contacting you of course).


Starting today we will also be accepting applications for volunteers, vendors and special guests (panellists, musicians, etc.). Click the button below to go to the applications pages!

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