Written by Aurora


Published on September 9, 2022

Guest Announcement: FlitterKriz

Some of you remember FlitterKriz from last year's PonyCon Holland, and this year she is back! Back with a panel about how to start with voice acting for the ones who have never tried before, some tips on equipment, how to do and don'ts and maybe even a few can try to voice a character.

Flitterkriz is known in the fandom as a voice actor and singing for multiple different projects like Fallout Equestria dead tree from Fiaura the tank girl and The Rainbow Orchestra for Lightning Bliss. She also has her own thing with a podcast called Chill&Chat here she and other content creators sit down for a nice relaxing time where everything between Tartarus and the moon can pop up! (all SFW ofcourse) Flitterkriz is one of the older generations of Brony, she was an MLP fan as a 4-year-old when her aunt from the USA would bring home G1 VHS in English and little Kriz could not understand what the ponies said. (Being that she only could understand Norwegian at that time) but still, she fell in love with the characters and grow up with them and here we are today! Now you may wonder so how did she get into voice acting? Well that my dear ponies was at a con, in 2018 where she met Elley ray. Kriz and Elley talked for some time and she gave Kriz the courage to go to her very first voice acting panels for beginners that was made by Pony&Wolf production. not many hours later she was asked to audition for some roles in an upcoming audio drama for Pony&Wolf P. and that started it all.

Art by @LightsArt1

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