Written by Aurora


Published on September 22, 2022

Guest Announcement: AssasinMonkey

AssassinMonkey’s art is well known throughout the community. Over 10 years of experience making My Little Pony fanart, he continues to bring you ponies in the highest fine art quality. With hundreds of existing paintings, no end in sight, and a purpose to keep sharing as much of it as possible.

During PonyCon Holland 2022 he will host the panel Art is Magic where he will be joined by IDW Comic Book artist Thom Zahler and our very own art team manager: Light.

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Guest Announcement: FlitterKriz

Guest Announcement: FlitterKriz

Some of you remember FlitterKriz from last year's PonyCon Holland, and this year she is back! Back with a panel about how to start with voice acting for the ones who have never tried before, some tips on equipment, how to do and don'ts and maybe even a few can try to...

Guest of Honour Announcement:  Thom Zahler

Guest of Honour Announcement: Thom Zahler

Thom Zahler is a northeast Ohio-based comic book artist and writer. He's particularly known for his romantic comedy comics. In 2006, he debuted Love and Capes, the superhero romantic comedy about the adventures in love of an ordinary bookstore owner and her accountant...

Musician announcement: BlackIceMusic

Musician announcement: BlackIceMusic

BlackIceMusic has been making electronic music since 2014, originally inspired by Big Room music, he later branched out to Dubstep but then came back to focus on Melbourne Bounce and now Future Bounce. You may know him from his tracks "The Fuff", "Jinxies", or more...