Waffles in a tulip field

Written by Aurora


Published on March 5, 2020

Finally! We got to announce PonyCon Holland!

Last weekend, after months of keeping it a secret, the moment was finally there: we were ready to announce our plans to run a My Little Pony convention in 2021 during the final edition of Hearth’s warming con (with which we aren’t affiliated).

We had a booth right next to the entrance where we laid out our flyers for you guys to take, which was a great success. We were already motivated to make PonyCon Holland the best it can be, but our motivation was pumped up to the next level after hearing all your positive reactions to our plans.

So, what’s next? Right now we’re looking around for a suitable venue for the convention and once we’ve got that covered it will be time to get this party started. And, we will be able to answer a question many of you asked, namely: “do you have a date”. However, we can already partly give you an answer to that question: we’re aiming to run PonyCon Holland in June 2021 (keep in mind that this isn’t a certainty yet).

Other questions we received with some frequency were:
Do you have a location for the convention?  Not yet, Once we’ve got a venue we will also have a location. We’re looking for a venue in the Randstad area (a triangle between Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht).
How many days will the con run for – We’re aiming for 2 days.

Do you have more questions about the convention? We’ll gladly answer them for you, so don’t hesitate to ask them.
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