Written by Aurora


Published on June 2, 2022

Meet Fan Brush! The newest member of our Mascot Family!

Hi everypony!
My name is Fan Brush. I am an artist and I love painting! I and Waffles go all the way back. It was me after all who helped him decorate his bakery. So obviously, I said yes when he asked me to join the PonyCon Holland team! I cannot wait to help out with all the amazing merch, decorations, and with vendors! Or anything involving art in that matter!

I am also very tall! So ponies often mistake me for a princess! Waffles and Poffertje sometimes jokingly call me a giraffe or tall horse. They are such a tease sometimes!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention. I am not a mare nor a stallion. So please respect that. I would be really grateful.

I hope to see you all in October in Zeist!

With love,
Fan Brush

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