Prince & Ðeus

Written by Aurora


Published on June 8, 2022

Guest Announcement: PrinceWhateverer & Ðeus

PrinceWhateverer is a Brony from the United Kingdom who has been making music for the fandom since 2011 and is well known for his Pony themed rock and metal music. And he’s back to rock the stage during PonyCon Holland 2022!

PrinceWhateverer has scored numerous hits within the brony fandom with songs like “Solidarity”, “Enemy Undefined”, “Pinkie’s Parties” and his most recent song “Elemental“. Aside from making his own songs, PrinceWhateverer has collaborated with many of the fandom’s talented musicians.

PrinceWhateverer won’t be alone on the stage during PonyCon Holland 2022. He will be accompanied by Ðeus who will be playing the bass guitar during PrinceWhateverer’s set. Ðeus is mainly known for being the chairman of Galacon but has also been the bassist for PrinceWhateverer’s live performances for several conventions including, Eponafest, Everfree Encore and last year’s PonyCon Holland. Together with an as of now unannounced performer they will make sure to rock the stage of PonyCon Holland 2022

Art by: Julunis

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